Bootstrap: Add by yourself vs. package

Hey there,

Can anyone tell us what the pros & cons are of adding bootstrap as a package vs. adding it by yourself in the compatibility folder ?

Why would you do that ?

Pros : already packaged, one line integration : meteor add twbs:bootstrap , automatic updates and issue tracking.

Cons (updated) : you need a significant subset of bootstrap (in this case you can fork twbs package, rename it pacific:bootstrap , replace xxx.min.js with your bootstrap subset and put it as a custom package in packages/, and meteor add pacific:bootstrap.

The unminified bootstrap JS + CSS files are over 200kb. If you want to customize bootstrap to remove unused features and reduce that size, then I think you would need to add it yourself.

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Here’s a good cross between the two. Customize with Less, choose what to include, and add with a package.

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This popular bootstrap package is also highly customizable.