Bootstrap modal and Autoform - range input not updating db

Summary: template with autoform range input works unless it’s called from within a modal.

I’m successfully using Autoform and range input sliders throughout my app in various templates.

The problem comes when displaying one of those templates inside a basic bootstrap modal. Autoform renders the field and everything looks perfectly normal, but adjustments to the slider aren’t touching the db. They normally do, in realtime, as expected. No helpful output in the console, either.

The only new .js coming in to play is called to launch the modal:

'click .button4': function(e) {

It’s worth mentioning that the modal displays an identical input range slider as the parent window, which contains many, called the same way via Autoform tags. The input works in the parent window, but updates in the modal are not reflected back in the parent window (because it’s not writing it to the db, so there’s nothing to update).

Any help would be much appreciated and many thanks in advance!

… or perhaps I’m inadvertently nesting {{#autoForm}} tags by called that modal, which calls a template containing another form and that’s the problem. Hmm…