Bootstrap-sass in meteor

Hey everyone, I’m still a bit new to meteor. I want to use the sass fork of Bootstrap because Bootstrap 4 is going to use Sass instead of Less by default. I wanted to use the bootstrap-sass package in npm but I can’t figure out how to make it work. bootstrap-sass installs bootstrap to the node_modules folder in my home directory but I’m not sure how to use it in my meteor project. Ultimately I wanna use local bootstrap so I can change some of the colors which is why I’m not using a CDN.

If I did it this way, would I simply do
@import "~/node_modules/bootstrap/assets/_bootstrap.scss?

What’s the difference with simply importing the bootstrap source directly and putting the right files in my client folder?

On the bootstrap-sass readme it says that bootstrap should be automatically imported but I don’t find this to be the case.

I guess I’m going to use Reywood’s bootstrap 3 sass plugin but it’s not an official package so I was unsure of its support.

As I read it, I am facing a similar setback. I am wanting to use SASS, Compass, Susy and Breakpoint in my project. I consulted Atmosphere package manager to do this. Even after adding the packages using terminal, like this:
meteor add fourseven:scss
meteor add francocatena:compass
meteor add meta:susy
meteor add andreioprisan:breakpoint-sass
they do not seem to be working. I cannot use mixins! I checked “packages” and yes, they are there. Do I have to link to them somehow? I thought Meteor finds these files rather automatically. Help is vastly appreciated. Thank you!