Bootstrap table - sum array values

Hi all,

I have a bootstrap table with an array in the field weekscores. In the field ‘total weekscores’ I want the sum of the array values displayed. Can I do this directly in the table, and if so how?


const PlayersList = ({ players }) => (
  players.length > 0 ? 
  <BootstrapTable data={players} pagination={ true } options={ this.options }>
     <TableHeaderColumn dataField='club' dataSort>Club</TableHeaderColumn>
     <TableHeaderColumn isKey dataField='playername' dataSort>Name</TableHeaderColumn>
     <TableHeaderColumn dataField='position' dataSort>Position</TableHeaderColumn>
     <TableHeaderColumn dataField='transfervalue' dataSort>Transfervalue</TableHeaderColumn>
     <TableHeaderColumn datafield='**????????'**>Total weekscores</TableHeaderColumn>
     <TableHeaderColumn dataField='weekscores' dataSort>Weekscores</TableHeaderColumn>
  </BootstrapTable> :
  <Alert bsStyle="warning">No players yet.</Alert>