Bower package mquandalle:bower


can anyone give me a solution or hint what is this error about

i have installed npm and npm bower then added some packages using bower install package --save and when i am trying to run meteor app it crashes.

my npm packages are
"bower": “^1.7.9”,
“browser-sync”: “^2.13.0”,
“gulp”: “^3.9.1”,
“gulp-coffee”: “^2.3.2”,
“gulp-rename”: “^1.2.2”,
“gulp-replace”: “^0.5.4”,
“gulp-sass”: “^2.3.1”,
“main-bower-files”: “^2.13.1”,
“meteor-node-stubs”: “~0.2.0”,
“rimraf”: “^2.5.2”

and bower packages are
"jquery": “^2.2.4”,
“bootstrap”: “^3.3.6”,
“font-awesome”: “^4.6.3”,
“datatables”: “^1.10.12”

and for inforamtion the project is blank i have created new meteor app.

While building the application:
C:\Users\AppData\Local.meteor\packages\mquandalle_bower\1.5.2_1\plugin.bower.os\npm\node_modules\meteor\bower\bower\node_modules\glob\sync.js:29:11: must provide pattern (compiling bower.json)
at new GlobSync (C:\Users\AppData\Local.meteor\packages\mquandalle_bower\1.5.2_1\plugin.bower.os\npm\node_modules\meteor\bower\bower\node_modules\glob\sync.js:29:11)
at Function.globSync (C:\Users\AppData\Local.meteor\packages\mquandalle_bower\1.5.2_1\plugin.bower.os\npm\node_modules\meteor\bower\bower\node_modules\glob\sync.js:24:10)
at packages/bower/plugin/handler.js:129:1
at (native)
at (packages/underscore/packages/underscore.js:152:1)
at matches (packages/bower/plugin/handler.js:128:1)
at packages/bower/plugin/handler.js:132:1
at Array.forEach (native)
at Function..each..forEach (packages/underscore/packages/underscore.js:134:1)
at bowerHandler (packages/bower/plugin/handler.js:94:1)
at Package (packages/bower/plugin/handler.js:262:1)


What’s version Meteor do you use ?


i am using METEOR@


It’s seems mquandalle:bower not supported on Meteor 1.3. Read here :

Might be you can install bower packages using global bower. And place the packages inside public folder.

With Meteor 1.3, You can place your assets inside public folder and include them from your html files.

public is special directories in Meteor. Read this:


thank you.

i have removed the package and given the path for bower packages to public directory, and project run perfectly.

i have another one question.

i read that meteor 1.3 have built in npm support.

so if i want to add a new package then i just have to do npm install package --save. thats it…?? is there anything more i have to do or not…??

thank you.


Yes, thats it. But I think you should use meteor npm install because it’s use the npm version of Meteor.


This is great advice thank you.
I’m curious of this approach for building a package that contains bower dependencies. Without having to api.addFiles for every file in a bower component and the components dependencies. Is there a recommended approach ?