Bozhao:link-accounts v2.7 released and new Discord connector

Hello everyone! I just want to point to a new release of bozhao:link-accounts which includes a fix when setting a token after successful reply is too slow for Meteor and addition of new Discord connector from me (GitHub - StorytellerCZ/meteor-accounts-discord: Discord OAuth connector for Meteor). If you use any other Discord connected I would highly recommend to check if they are up to date with recent Async API options and Discord changes.

This release also includes a new build target of Meteor 2.9.1 which added async functionality option to the OAuth flows of service connectors.

In the next version I will look through the supported connectors and add deprecation warnings for those that have not been updated for the new async API.
As Meteor makes changes towards v3 release I will update this package and will prepare a v3 release with the async API as soon as possible.


Dang I love this package. Nice update! Do you know if anyone has built an Eventbrite integration with it?

No, it would have been included if that was the case, but it is very simple to add one. Check past PRs, but first you need OAuth package for Eventbrite to make that happen.

That’s awesome.

I always write my own discord connector, so this is nice to have built in.

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