Braintree, Stripe payments

Hey guys,

My little story is that I was implementing braintree api last couple of months into my user accounts system and when the time came to release the app, we submitted our application for approval on braintree production account and our application was rejected because its an alcohol store and braintree cannot support alcohol sale! Who could have thought?! What a disaster!..

Anyways, looking for alternatives I found stripe payments, but its library looks horrible… No es6 modules, no imports… Adding their tag into html head… and we would have to implement paypal separately… Also I found meteor stripe library wrapper which is a bit old now and doesnt provide imports and stuff… I thought maybe anyone has better alternatives or suggestions?


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As far as i know Stripes npm library is pretty well maintained and a lot of ppl that use Meteor use it

(I myself dont, but just because of the limited payment options for Europeans)

Hi shibbn, yes thats the server side library. Despite fact that it is not even es6 and I would have to use old syntax, Stripe’s client side library doesnt provide npm package, it has to be injected to head section so that makes it very dirty and old horrible way of implementation… If I cant find any other solution will go with Stripe…

When it comes to payment service providers I actually think developmer friendliness shouldnt be the biggest factor.

Here is a good quora answer on this

I for example will end up using Mollie, just because of their extensiv payment options.


I found something interesting for those using angular, might help with Stripe.js client library!

Use Stripe. It’s harder to set up, but you have the freedom to structure your payment gateway the way you want to.