Brand Positioning Opportunity for Meteor?

@hwillson makes a great point in this thread when he says:

Meteor is, as @msavin says it that same thread, in a league of its own.

It may be helpful to MDG to position it as such, that is, to communicate the above to potential users.

To begin with, it appears we could name the product category for something that does all these things. Then MDG could market Meteor as the first and market-leading [category name].

Meteor is in a league of its own. What is the name of that league?

Naming products is not my strong suit – but here are a few to potentially get a discussion started.

Meteor is:

  • The Full Stack Builder
  • The Full Stack Node.js Platform
  • The Live-Data Node.js App Builder
  • The Live-Data Node.js Full Stack Builder

Any others?


Like the idea, but I think it should be a relatively short name or create an acronym.

The name/definition for this category should be wide enough not to just encompass Meteor, or there won’t be any adoption for it. A comparison can be made to the LAMP and MEAN stacks, so maybe something along those lines?

So what is a platform/framework that takes care of everything from the client to the DB?

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Actually, the name you search already exista, and it’s IsoDEv : Isomorphic Development Environment :wink: Though they are not many tools that can be categorised as such.

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I’d like to find out more about this. Searching Google for those terms appears to bring up links about a company rather than about dev tools. Can you provide a link so I can read more about this?

This isn’t a separate name, but if you want it to stick in people’s minds, you need a bit of flavor. So at the end of all those you could add something like: “that’s out of this world”

Or just come up with a backronym that fits with the theme, so SPACE would be a good example

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