Broadcast audio stream with Meteor

I need to broadcast audio. First, I define the time & song and at that time the song will start to play. When users visit my page, then they will be able to listen the song.
For Example, If I want to play a song at 8 am. Then the song starts at that time only. Now if user “A” opens my page at 8 am then the song starts to play and other user “B” opens page at 8:05 am then the song must not play from start but both users should get same song i.e. user “B” will miss 5 min song.
User management system isn’t needed. I just need broadcasting.

You could try meteor-files, for meteor based streaming solution. You will have to hack it a bit for audio and although they have a streaming example on their, I have never tried to play with it.

Other solutions might be the broadcasting products, and others you can find through Google that provide very similar services. But they do cost money.

We use the streaming example from ostrio:files together with gridFs as file bucket and it works great. Also it’s well documented so you should get fast results.

On the client you can use howler.js to handle the events and all that stuff.

Considering that you have full access to a Linux machine, I did something similar using ffmpeg and x11grab, it occurred to me that in your case it would be enough to change the x11grab for a fictitious output from pulseaudio. If it’s of interest to you I post the files here, and try to explain my logic.
I don’t program professionally and I’m not familiar with git.