Browser push notification

I ve seen that some webapp can push chrome notification in desktop as in the mobile ( but also, others browsers notifications);

Is there any package on meteor let us to do browser push notification ??, I tested raix-push package, its cool like package, but does not support browser push notification.


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If I’m not mistaken, I think you’re referring to progressive web apps push notifications which you can read more about here however this is new and I’ve not yet seen a Meteor package for it AFAIK

@alawi yeah yeah, I m looking for something like that, it ll be great if there is a package that implement this :slight_smile:

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Agreed, maybe we start looking in to it, it will be good community project!

If any one want to participate in creation of package implemnting this, please let me know :wink:

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@nwabdou85 I found this package in Atmosphere, I’ve not tried it yet but it looks promising, I’ll give a try soon and let you know.

@alawi Thank’s, did you try it ?

Not yet, will let you know as soon as I try

@alawi I’m trying it and have an wired issue in my meteor react app; self in here is not defined, and when I declare it like that : var self=this; it throw me an error like: self.addEventListener is not a function
any idea ??

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Not yet frankly I’m currently evaluating Meteor and OneSen UI once I get the shell working I plan to add push feature to the web app. I mean worst comes to worst I’ll configure the service worker myself without the package.

try Zetpush user friendly. notifs can be personalized and scheduled as well.

Thanks bockmichael649. You made my day. Their package is great. User friendly and real time and great to use.

I setup a service worker with the help of the repository and conversation provided on this topic by @nitrobay and @mitar

it works!

it allow me to setup a service worker and access my app offline

there is a whole topic on this feature, because to implement something like this as a package it interferes with the optimistic ui of minimongo approach (at least that is wat i read on the topics on this feature).

as far as i have gone on this topic, i tested the code above and works perfectly, still lacks the push notifications implementation, but is not impossible to do.

there is conversation on this topic here

why is this relevant? because service workers allow to send push notifications

my opinion on this topic (an opinion is like the ass, everyone has one) is that since meteor already made blaze optional, then it would be natural to make cordova optional too so we can replace hybrid web apps with native react for example, or to allow developers to extend meteor with technology like service workers, why is this relevant? because this topic explains the limitations with cordova and serviceworkers.

also thanks to @bockmichael649 for good option

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@nubestra Did you end up implementing the push notification using the service worker from NitroBAY? Or did you go a different route?

I’m fairly new to Meteor so would be awesome to see a code example of the service worker and push notification working together.