Browser support for semantic-ui


I use semantic:ui-css 1.12.3 package in my app. Works fine in all major browsers except ie9. It works in ie9 but it don’t look good. Semantic has a reset and as I understand the reset is included in the package and I should not need to do something extra.

Do I need to do something extra to use semantic-ui reset and is ie9 supported by Meteor and / or Semantic?

Thanks for any help


IE9 should definitely be supported by Meteor, but the readme in the 1.x version of Semantic UI’s GitHub repo says this about browser support:

IE 9+ (Browser prefix only)

Browser prefixes are present for Internet Explorer 9, but the browser is not officially supported.

Could you write a quick list of the features that seem to be giving you problems in IE9? It would be really helpful to me in my next project.