[BUG BOUNTY] $500 Reward to improve the performance of Meteor on Windows

This is a direct copy and paste from the GitHub issue here: [BUG BOUNTY] $500 Reward to improve the performance of Meteor on Windows · Issue #12935 · meteor/meteor · GitHub

Please clearly read the success criteria before working on this bounty.

$500 Bug Bounty: Meteor.js Performance Improvements on Windows

Objective: To address and improve the performance issues encountered in Meteor when running on Windows, especially concerning meteor update, package installations, builds, rebuilds, and other development processes.

Bounty Reward: $500

Current State

Videos of current state can be found here: Meteor Bounty Videos - Google Drive and the timings below

Command Windows 11 Debian 12 Video
npm install -g meteor 10 min 3 sec 26.664 sec Installing Meteor First Time.mkv
meteor create testapp --blaze 44.29 sec 12.96 sec Creating a new meteor project.mkv
meteor 45.87 sec 24.19 sec Starting a fresh meteor project for the first time.mkv
meteor add ostrio:flow-router-extra 14.27 sec 9.61 sec Adding a meteor package.mkv
meteor update --release 3.0-alpha.19 Gave up (see below) 7 min 2 sec Updating meteor release.mkv

The update for meteor didn’t finish after an hour 37 minutes on windows. The 7 minutes for debian included the time it took me to switch node versions, install make, and a few other dependecies, and start up the meteor project on the new release.

Success Criteria

  1. Root Cause Analysis:

    • Identify the specific reasons contributing to the slowness and intermittent failures of the meteor update on Windows.
    • Provide a detailed analysis of how these issues differ from the performance on Linux and MacOS.
  2. Performance Improvement:

    • Implement solutions that significantly improve the performance and stability of meteor update and package installations on Windows.
    • Ensure that these improvements do not negatively impact the performance of other operating systems (Linux and MacOS).
  3. Testing and Validation:

    • Demonstrate through testing that the improvements are effective and consistent across various Windows environments.
    • Include benchmarks or metrics showing the performance improvement compared to the previous version.
  4. Documentation and Reporting:

    • Provide comprehensive documentation of the changes made, including technical details and reasons for specific approaches.
    • Outline steps for reproducing the improvements and any necessary environment setups or configurations.
  5. Maintainability and Compatibility:

    • Ensure that the improvements are maintainable and do not introduce new bugs or vulnerabilities.
    • Verify compatibility with the latest version of Meteor.js (3.0) and widely-used packages.

Submission Guidelines

  • Submit a pull request to the Meteor.js GitHub repository with your changes. These changes should be compatible with the latest target version of meteor 3.0
  • Include detailed commit messages and comments explaining your code changes.
  • Attach a report summarizing your approach, findings, and testing methodology.
  • The bounty will be live for 6 months until Sunday, June 23, 2024

Evaluation Criteria

  • Effectiveness of the solution in improving performance on Windows.
  • Quality of analysis and documentation.
  • Adherence to Meteor.js coding standards and practices.
  • Compatibility and non-disruptiveness to existing Meteor.js functionality.

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Sponsor Notice

This bounty is being paid for by my employer, Medical Informatics Engineering, in an effort to help give back to the meteor community. We’re also hiring.