Bug in accounts facebook and google? SOLVED

Hi, Could it be there is a bug in acounts google and facebook? I had it working the last weeks multiple times. the only difference now is that I have a new DNS name in stead of a public IP adres.

Invalid parameter value for redirect_uri: Uri must consist of printable ASCII characters: http://saaswithqlik.com /_oauth/google

meteor server log says: unable to base64 decode state for oauth query.
"Invalid parameter value for redirect_uri: No host: http://saaswithqlik.com%20/_oauth/google" }

i have the last meteor before 1.4 and I used --production in the run command

So there is a space in the redirect URI, but that is not something I can configure… (and there are no spaces in any url in facebook config)

(sorry my greenshot is not working)

thank you

There was a space in my ROOT_URL… hard to see in notepad…