Bug or feature - dev mode REST API


Got next when working with REST API:
I have a folder called payment inside client project folder. And I set up a server-side route for GET:/payment/success. As you can imagine the content of my client/payment folder doest’n work in dev-mode becase I hack fetching all the queries on the server.
Is it a core issue and I should post it on github or there is any way to deal with it?


Oh, that’s very interesting! I’m not sure how we could fix this, one could always create a REST route that collides with one of the file paths. I think one easy way to fix this is by prefixing your routes with a special path segment like /api or something.


Got the same. But in the future could I hope that all Meteor’s sources will be placed in a temporary route like /__meteor_sources/... for dev-mode only? There are a lot of suggestions about using REST API in Meteor and it could be difficult to deal with on the current dev-mode architecture