Bug with meteor when changing file names

Not sure who to pass this onto. I have a strange situation that I can only assume is a bug with Meteor. I’m using Atom IDE with a 2015 Macbook pro and whenever I change the name of a file in Atom, meteor update and client modified -- refreshing goes into a loop and doesn’t stop updating. The only way to stop it is to restart meteor.

Maybe it’s an Atom thing? I’ve just tried the same using vscode and it behaves correctly - Meteor 1.5.1 - what version of Meteor are you using?

I’m using meteor 1.5.1
It’s really odd and I’ve never noticed it before.

I get this sometimes too. I just restart. Usually I get an error about not being able to import a module that I know has the correct path, after 5 minutes I realize its some kind of bundle issue… restart… then good to go.