"build" command slow and quiet. How to get verbose output?

Hello there! After a clean checkout, “meteor build” tends to be insanely slow. My project is pretty small I’d say, still it takes almost 10 minutes on a (quite speedy) c4.large AWS machine to build it. Maybe there is something I could do to speed it up, but I have no idea what happens during this time besides “building for web.browser”.

Is there a way to get more detailed info of what “meteor build” is currently doing, or maybe a time breakdown? Anything?

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There are a couple of environment variables which may help:


Enables profiling of operations taking longer than 100ms (IIRC) - so you can reduce/increase this value for more/less detail, and an on/off (1/0) flag to time the various stages of the build.


If you’re interested, also checkout the PERFORMANCE.md readme with the Meteor source. It goes to great lengths to explain potential performance issues with the CLI and build tool.


Thank you all! This information is really helpful.