Build Stack and Packages for my App

Hey all!

New to the forums and had a question about the packages I should be using to build out a webapp.

I have a client that utilizes for call center tracking. I will be consuming their api.

I need to create a cron-job that will consume apis from five9, do some number crunching, create a pdf or html email template and then email it out to management, done hourly.

My question is in regards to build stack and packages.

What meteor stack should I use to achieve my desired goals and what stable packages should I be utilizing for for consuming external apis, cron-job creation, pdf creation, and email sending?

Would a simple meteor/react stack be good enough? Or Should i use meteor/apollo/graphql/react?

or should i not use meteor at all and use react/redux?

are there packages within meteor that i can utilize without having to use all 3rd party?

Any help would be much appreciated!



  • cron job: steve jobs (no joke, that’s the package name)
  • email: e.g. mailgun
  • pdf: docraptor
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