Building a B2C app and need help determining how to implement a User Model


I’m a rather new programmer and need help determining the different ways to implement a user model for a B2C application. My customer is a B2C business and the app I am trying to build is for their use. The B2C business could have one or many employees (Users). I would like to leverage as many existing packages as possible but I am encounter a bit of a disconnect on how to establish something like an Account object for the business where there would be a set of users specific to that account with access to the data which would be owned by the business.

I would really appreciate hearing different ideas how this can be solved including how I could use existing packages if possible to make things a bit easier. Thank you in advance for helping to provide me some direction.



You can make quick prototype application with user account system and multiple user roles with Meteor Kitchen.

For example, you can create app with three roles: “customer”, “employee” and “admin”, and set who can read/insert/update/delete from each collection, also who can access each page.

Try to build provided examples “example-dataview”, “example-invoices” and “example-admin” and review generated code.

I hope it helps :smile:


Thanks for sharing this Perak. I will give this a try.