Building a Meteor like Wordpress

Hi all, Andy here.

It’s my 2 year anniversary coming up in Meteor. It was hard, I’ve hated learning it (coming from PHP), but now I love it.

I’m considering building something called Meteorpress, which if you’ve ever used Wordpress, should make a lot of sense.

Things like a GUI to install plugins from NPM. It COMES with user management.

DATA SCHEMATICS I posted a while ago about this topic, and it’s complicated. But I have achieved very successful results basing my data schematic on Wordpress’ model. ( for example, an MMO).

So I’d open source the whole thing, obviously, as a core.

Imagine starting off and just writing“posts”, “insert”, “{some:‘data’}”); right out of the box. No subscription handling, no messing around, just even more streamline Meteor development


Just imagine having a 1 click GUI button to deploy your app to Meteor Galaxy, or configure for your own hosting.

Imagine a GUI to configure your app icons.

Imagine logging in as Admin to have an complete data management solution like PhpMyAdmin just built in to your app.

Imagine being able to select themes to install with 1 click!

You know you can edit your post right? Makes you look like less of a doofus :wink:

Hmm, I guess you could combine Telescope with MongoClient as a start maybe.


Don’t start shit on the internet bro.

No, I’m talking about something else. Those systems aren’t applicable. I’m talking about building something more native, and easier to use.

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Not to discourage you, but these guys tried something similar a ways back, and it evolved into this, just fyi.

Looks kind of dead.

I think the delivery of both Scorpius and this other thing are both wrong. A user would still have to Node NPM install stuff.

I’m talking about cloning Wordpress CMS as a Meteor application and copying it’s features and functions. Simply by installing it on a server, it’s ready. Log in and start blogging.

This looks like a great developer framework to start something new.

I want to extend Meteor WAY out there, for people who want to also have an app for their blog / brand.

So far I’m quite encouraged! Cheers.

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Sounds like a great idea. If you are going to do it open source I might chime in.

You mean like, rather than .org?

Or like?

I don’t think Meteor is the right framework for a blogging platform, it’s way overkill. And how are you going to compete with Tumblr, Medium or Squarespace in simplicity, reliability and ecosystem?

IMO, what Meteor does well is business apps and such, where multiple users can collaborate and see each other’s changes in real time.

One idea for such things could be a graphical editor for simple-schema, and then using the schemas to automatically set up collections and autoforms.

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Hrm I suppose that’s an interesting question. Perhaps this Meteorpress is indeed aimed at intermediate developers. For example, why is there no GUI to NPM packages? Why do I have to stop Meteor, npm install --save somepackage, wait, restart Meteor? That seems lame and old for such cutting edge software. Wordpress is “SEO” and 1 click install Yoast.

I don’t think that’s right either. Meteor Galaxy is already up and running and works amazing. This package would probably just deploy there by entering your credentials. Click boom. No fuss.[quote=“herteby, post:12, topic:36462”]
IMO, what Meteor does well is business apps and such, where multiple users can collaborate and see each other’s changes in real time.

I would agree with you big time here. So what about all the new devs who pick up Meteor and are just LOST. Shoot I mean, you can’t even write to the database with out a tonne of understanding publishing, subscribing, blah blah blah. Surely there has to be an easier delivery method to newbies? I think Meteor would grow even faster.

Personally I found this community quite ‘high end’ when I got here. I still feel dumb here, and I’ve got a pretty good understanding of Meteor as a whole now.

Still pondering, maybe I’ll whip up some graphics.

Telescope / Vulcan is sorta going here - framework with plug and play opt in features you can expand

So let’s say u built this platform what’s the plugin architecture look like?

Once all the peripheral stuff is taken care of - like navigation, authentication, logging, theming, etc. - you’d want to create a way to easily add fully working capabilities to your site/app right? - not to be confused with reusable code in the form of packages we’re dealing with today.

So you’d have a plugin authors and consumers. Authors might wanna make a few bucks for their efforts so u end up with a plugin marketplace. Economics could b a huge motivator to get this thing goin.

You might need to think about 3rd party integrations perhaps a webhook architecture or something.

How would u want to abstract pub/sub? Maybe u start out with graphql /Apollo as your data access mousetrap of choice to cover all the bases and DBs - unlike wordpress maybe you don’t care what db is used.

Do you need a DB at all to start?

i think there is probably a few things to take from the wordpress playbook but you might want to re-imagine a few things - wordpress is awesome but un-necessarily bloated IMO - probably inevitable based on it’s success and trying to be everything to all websites.

I guess one question might be if you built this thing why would u use it instead of wordpress? Or does this thing get you to a different place?

Meteor is very developer centric right now, you have to code pretty much everything or be happy with what the app built on Meteor ur using does out of the box.

This but sort of. It took so much damn time to get a meaningful app produced. There needs to be a short cut.

Http:// (funny u didn’t Google first) is coming to life soon. I had to take a break to make some $!

I worked on my own phone cms fro m 1999-2011. Wp ended up with some of my highly useful code…theme engine, file loading from directories, tertiary navigation, cpl others… it had built in multi-level flood protection, dateable image & video galleries (since 2001, I automated Sorenson codecs), and more.

I built the early version as one big app, I have been working on ripping it into a package based system…but assertions the same time came the big push forwards non modules…and I just said f it at that point.

My plan is to go hard on it again staring on July… this time worth $ to pay for some real sexy default front ends…check my YouTube.

Meteor likes to hide behind the “it’s for apps, not web sites” BS…but if you’re app is built on and outputting html…guess what? It’s just a fancy web site! lol

…that url is not on the reset schedule…i just deployed it on meteor 1.4 for the first time a cpl weeks ago for fun.

Omg, you’re copying their data disaster?! lol

WP is a going mess, always had been, still is. You should not base anything on it. You should have been using Smarty & Send and writing good code. :roll_eyes:

please watch your words thank you

I think the main concerns you are going to run in to are:

You need to design a template system, as well as a module system, that can compare to WP, while at the same time not starting with the ecosystem they have.

Value for price/performance for basic/small sites. This might need quite a bit of optimization with Meteor since we’re working with live data & not static sites. You can get a $5 tier at DO and host a large number of wp sites on it, with Meteor I have not tried but I’m fairly sure it’s not as high performance in this case.

I’m not quite sure I agree with that, because to actually design a WP site and getting it to work exactly how you want it (which in most cases would require some custom modules based on the type of site), I figure if it takes that much time to get the site going, you could have likely developed a Meteor site for it in the same amount of time.

But then again, I never liked WP for the same reason. Sure, if you just need a basic WP install and to install a template you bought and that’s it, then WP is ideal. But anything more than that? Feels like a waste of time to me, and Meteor is pretty fast to get up and running.

Not saying I don’t think time saving would be great for Meteor. Just saying that I don’t think WP saves much time for any serious site compared to Meteor.

The biggest benefit to a WP-like system in Meteor is the fact that you can get it up and running faster, but then actually “work” in Meteor from that point on. I do not like PHP as a language.