Building a simple timer app

Wow, Meteor. I’ve been spending the past couple weeks leaning this exciting advancement in web technology. After completing several tutorials, I feel ready to move to the next level. I’m building a simple timer app to will help me track my time while working on freelance projects. So that means I need the ability to have multiple timers to account for multiple projects. It would be awesome if you could start a timer in one browser and stop it in another.

But this newbie needs some help. How would you handle this timer feature?

Any and all insights would be incredibly helpful!

You can update your collection every 1, 3, 5 minutes whatever you like of the timer time and at the same time updating the status to ( ticking or stop ) … then you can start and stop the timer from another browser… just an idea :boy:

I would create a collection with timelogs:


and then you start your timer by only setting the start date/time. The actual time will be just increasing until you stop but you don’t do updates on that, in the client just show now() - start.

When you click stop you log the end time and you have a good log.

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