Building a tool to hook up against my production app


I’ve recently deployed a phone app with a fair amout of success. I’m now interested in harvesting some of the data to perform some analytics and tests on it. I figured i’d take the oppertunity to build it myself for the fun of it.

Since i want to access the collections to get ahold of the data i need, what’s needed in my production app?
I’m guessing DDP is the way to go to have my external tool hook up to the production app?

I’m sorry for the fairly lackluster question but this is litteraly the first time i’m doing something like this and am looking forward to it!

just build a new webapp against the same mongodb ?

Yeah i was thinking that at first but since i might want to use the same tool for several projects in the future this might not be the best solution?

In that case Accounts (multi-server) and DDP.connect() should be your starting point

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