Building a Webinar app with meteor

I’m trying to build a Web-based seminar app and I’d like to do that with meteor.
All I want to do is streaming the live video of a webcam to meteor server and then the server streams it to the authorized clients (like 100 clients).
But I have never worked with videos, and I cant’t find any solutions searching the web. All guides are about peer to peer video chats and not much about “peer to server to peer”.

So is it possible to do that using meteor? (I was thinking of collecting webcam output to mongodb gridfs if possible)

I strongly recommend looking at using a service, such as to support that.

Edit: this is the link I meant to provide. The Open source product.


Thanks for your suggestion. I cheked out Jitsi, Kurento and some others. I think Kurento as a media server suits my needs.

If someone is intrested:
kurento-meteor is a working example of using kurento with meteor
and you can use coturn as turn server