Building an intelligent backend, should I relook at meteor?


Dabbled in Meteor a bit 2 years ago, but left it to focus on native mobile. Currently am working on a unique project that basically needs a smart application (simple machine learning and neural networking) to power a few mobile frontends.

Currently looking at my options:

I figured building it on Googles App Engine might be beneficial, but the lack of support and terrible documentation were offputting.

I also looked at building a nodejs app and hosting it somewhere and going from there.

Then theres meteor (which I know uses node internally) which I have a bit more familiarty with then the previous two. So is meteor capable of powering a backend as described above? What would my stack look like? Would it be defined to the meteor ecosystem?


In Meteor 1.3 you can use any NPM package, and deploying a production app is easy with Galaxy. So I’d say it’s a great choice over plain node! Any thing you can do in node you can do in meteor too.


And usually easier, too!

The only issue (until 1.4?) may be the level of node supported.


Here you mean “version” I assume? Because “level” implies that some npm modules cannot be installed. As far as I’m aware, there are no specific modules that cannot be used in an Meteor project.