Building Blaze with webpack

My team and I are in the process of migrating from Meteor-Blaze to Meteor-React, and we’re looking to gain more control over our build process for a few reasons. Namely that there currently isn’t enough configuration options available for typescript as tsconfig is ignored by meteor-typescript, the third party TS builder is agonizingly slow, and we’d like to utilize some sort of tree-shaking as our app bundle is becoming rather large.

Has anybody had any luck building meteor-blaze with web-pack / would it be possible? Ive seen meteor-webpack but it looks like its only able to work with react only, and we still have a large amount of code in blaze.

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yessir - I wrote a set of npm packages to do just this:


@znewsham. Nice! Is there an example project somewhere that shows how you use these packages with webpack?

There’s an example here:

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