Building Mobile app using plain Cordova without using Meteor's default build system

We are not using Meteor’s default build system for our frontend. We are using create-react-app build structure with meteor-client-bundler. We use meteor-client-bundler to package all the meteor packages needed by the frontend app in to a file. Then we include this meteor-bundle-file in the create-react-app build flow. This is how our frontend is built.

Now, we are trying to package this frontend app inside Cordova as a mobile app. We cannot use the Meteor’s out of the box mobile building platform. We want to build the frontend app by instructing it to package it as a Mobile app, so that it includes the “isCordova”(=true) flag and also include all the needed Cordova plugins (cordova-plugin-googleplus etc) and the settings. This is all being tried by using either Ionic’s Capacitor or Cordova.

Can you please suggest how to package the meteor app as a mobile app using either Capacitor OR Cordova, without using Meteor’s default packaging system?

Thanks in advance.

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I’m also curious about the possibility of using Capacitor within the Meteor build process in place of Corodova. Capacitor purports to be a more ‘modern’ approach to building cross-platform apps, including a specific PWA target. My guess would be that Cordova is too tightly coupled with Meteor’s build/packaging processes currently to make such a substitution possible cleanly though.

Can anyone help clarify this for us? Thanks!