Building my first Meteor App: How to get CMS-like functionality w/ traditional real-time web app

Greetings fellow Meteorites!

I’m building my first Meteor app that is a hybrid of a tracker app (think myFitnessPal) + video content streaming + online training (think udemy/udacity similar functionality) for a new company.

My question arises when it comes to how I am going to manage the video, document, and image content for the different programs/courses. The purely web-app type stuff is simple, but I’m struggling to wrap my head around how to structure the app for managing content. I’ve seen a few Meteor-based CMS floating around, but none seem to fit the bill.

Should I build something from scratch? Should I use a third-party CMS and connect with REST API?

Thanks so much guys, and sorry if these are noob questions. Just getting into Meteor but I love it!