Building Package-Oriented Apps with Meteor


As I’ve been learning a bit about Meteor, I’m getting interested in learning strategies and techniques for code organization. Based on past experience, I try hard to keep my code modular and loosely coupled.

That’s why, when I read in the Meteor docs that you can structure your app entirely based on packages (doesn’t get much more modular than that), I thought it’d be cool to learn more about how to do that.

I’m still getting familiar with all the various components that make up Meteor and getting a feel for how an app comes together, so I’m not there yet (not even close).

But while doing research, I started collecting articles relevant to package-only app architecture in a playlist on Gibbon. If you haven’t heard of Gibbon - funny name, reminds me of turkeys - it’s a pretty cool app that lets you collect content to make a sort of “internet playlist.” (Actually, it would have been a good candidate to be built in Meteor - it would be cool to have playlists that update with new content as you’re reading them).

If you’re like me and find you have 500 tabs open at the end of the day, these playlists can be a bit better than simple bookmarks for picking back up on your train of thought from a previous day

So I created a playlist and wanted to post it here, in case anyone is interested in contributing more articles, or just reading the ones already there. The playlist is public, so if you have or create a Gibbon account, you can follow it and edit it: