Building/Running application on Android Emulator/Device from Windows


I have built my first Application with Meteor. It works perfectly fine with the web browser platform.

For the mobile platform, When I tried previewing it on the device emulator/device for Android, by using the following command (to install the Android SDK,)

> meteor install-sdk android

I get the following error,

"This command is not yet available on windows "

I am having meteor@1.6.1, with Installed android prerequisites such as JDK and Android Studio.

Note: I surfed over the internet and got some information saying that Meteor 1.3 beta has come up with the solution for the above. Link Here


i managed to do a successfull android build on windows some weeks ago with help of the official guide:

just follow those steps closely. it worked fine for me. And this guide doesn’t even mention that install-sdk command, so i guess the guide you are using is probably outdated.


Thank you. I Successfully ran my App referring the above link.

I have web & android platform enabled on my application. when I build and run on my mobile I cannot able to see the mongo data which is present in the database.
Does Building the application in mobile initiates a new mongo on the mobile and not using a common one for both platforms?

If I need to do the same what should I do?