Built-in jquery cannot be "required" in Atmosphere packages

I have a jQuery plugin that I would like to use in my app (jquery-range-slider). If I include it via npm, it brings its own jQuery version (3.0.2) that overloads the jQuery version Meteor uses.

To avoid this, I packaged the plugin in an Atmosphere package instead, taking only the plugin code. Unfortunately, the plugin checks if require() is available. If so, it tries to require jQuery. But this fails with an error message, even if the Atmosphere package has an entry .use('jquery'). It seems as if a “used” jQuery is not available for require().

If I remove the ecmascript dependency of the Atmosphere package, everything works fine, since the plugin does not find require() anymore and just uses the existing jquery instance. But this breaks other stuff.

Ideally, it wouldn’t be necessary to make this Atmosphere wrapper limbo, but I found this to be the only way to prevent npm-based jQuery plugins to load another instance of jQuery, too. Did I miss something here?

The other option would be a way to make the Meteor internal jquery instance available via require(). But how?