Built with Meteor: Pozible - Australia's Largest Crowdfunding Community

Hi Everyone,

As technology lead at Pozible, Australia’s largest crowdfunding platform, I wanted to formally announce to the Meteor community, the release of our newly built platform (version 2.0). Built with Meteor 1.2, we are actively working on our platform to work towards Pozible Base, a first for the crowdfunding industry. Our current strategy entails upgrading the platform to 1.3/4 in the coming weeks, while working on application performance, UI enhancements and design, plus other important aspects of the platform. So stay tuned.

With an active community of over 500,000 users, Pozible is a true testament to the capabilities of Meteor and what it can do for any startup or business, no matter what the industry.

I can finally say, I thoroughly enjoyed working with the Meteor platform. For us, we had our up’s and down’s but we always managed to find a solution. Whether they are permanent, we don’t know, but so far everything has been promising.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or come check out the Pozible platform here: Pozible Site


This asks for a case study ;)!

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How would one go about getting in touch with someone regarding this? :wink:

@sashko : how does one get on https://www.meteor.com/showcase and http://info.meteor.com/blog?

What server u have to allow 500k users and how much you pay per month for that?

We built a scalable Kubernetes cluster environment. We use a number of different services to run our production infrastructure and this costs us around $1500 / month on average. The behaviour of our customers is quite interesting, so we generally see a lot of spikes in traffic (depending on the popularity of particular campaigns). At low peak times we don’t nearly see this many users on the site. We’d see around 35,000 sessions a day, on average.

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Im interesting on Kubernetes … have you any guide to follow that describes how to scale a meteor app?

Thx for response

It’s a great piece of software to be interested in!

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be putting together a blog post on how we built our application including the infrastructure. This will dive a little into the way we’ve used Kubernetes with Meteor and Nginx.

If it helps, I will soon be able to provide configuration samples online, so I’ll keep everyone in the loop. We’re going through a refinery process at the moment so it’d be good to provide a completed configuration once that is done.


This sounds so good! Can you @me when u post it? Thx a lot


Sure. No problem.

I’d love to do it now, but unfortunately it’s a busy schedule at the moment.

I think you talk to @marktrang!

Hi @cheersjosh wondering if you ever blogged about this?
We’re busy setting up Kubernetes on IBM Bluemix for customers who are whitelabelling Buzzy. Keen to see what I can learn from your experiences.

BTW, Sydney based… not sure where you’re based?