BuiltWithMeteor - Help us grow a collection of awesome Meteor apps

We’re gathering a collection of Meteor apps and we need your help to grow it.


Please add a couple of apps and tell us how can we improve it.


https://wekan.io/ this one is really cool

https://www.fulbacho.net web-app for organizing sport activities :smiley:

‘More apps’ button is not working or just shouldn’t appear if there is no more apps to show :wink: Is there a moderation after adding as not logged in user?

Btw. (question to all) Do you know other similar Meteor apps agregators?

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We built the API Designer over at https://stoplight.io with Meteor + React + Electron.

Now that I think about it - kind of ironic, since Meteor eschews traditional APIs.

Dig the site. If I can make a feature wish, I’d say more filtering options so we could see top submitted but also sort by other fields.

Thank all of you for your thoughts and please add some applications when you have some time.


We will fix ‘More apps’ and I only know about this website: https://madewith.meteor.com/

Can you give me more details of what kind of filters you would like see.

I guess it’s really just “See top entries” or something :slight_smile:

Tags, categories and once again more tags! :slightly_smiling:

Starting with Blaze/Angular/React.

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