Bunder-visualizer sources

Where would it be possible to find the sources for this awesome package? I wanted to dig into it to maybe add some additional information to the visualization but I cannot find its sources in the meteor repo https://github.com/meteor/meteor/tree/devel/packages.

More context: Using it, I managed to make most of my app dynamic so that only the necessary sections are loaded. I went from 8MB to 1.2MB base bundle and then, only the necessary sections are loaded, which is awesome, as most users are only using parts of the application on each connection. I am looking at a further reduction as there are parts that are included in the initial bundle that I think should not be. However, I am not always clean on where they are included from. I have 1000+ files and 70k+ lines of code. I was thinking that it may be possible to add some information to the visualization to show where the file is included from when hovering over its section of the polar graph. I think it may be a nice addition to the recent “meteor list --tree” but also helping with optimizing the internal modules rather than only the external packages. Any thoughts?

Awesome, thanks! I didn’t notice the /non-core/ part!

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