Bundled meteor app dies in production

My app is build with “meteor build” and deploy to CentOS 7 with

$ (cd programs/server && npm install)
$ export MONGO_URL=’…’
$ export ROOT_URL=’…’
$ env PORT=80 node main.js

It dies almost every day without any interruption, the node process just gone, I saw some people suggest to run with forever js, but why is that?

How do you deploy it exactly? Do you just ssh in and run those commands? Because the application will terminate as soon as you end that shell by logging out, just like your meteor application will stop when you close the terminal window when developing. You need another program like forever to run the application “outside” of the shell you are in.

I use “node main.js &” to deploy, run it as a background service. it works like 20 hours then exit without any message.