Business process management with meteor


Hey all!
Please, i used to use C# for BPM (Business Process Management) with Camunda Framework.
So, is there any facility in Meteor for BPM?


Welcome to the Meteor Forum! :tada:

You can easily integrate the modeler into your applications.

Regarding an engine I can suggest you to use

Which is working great and has 100% coverage for the current set of features.

I also created already an organization on GitHub cquencial which aims to integrate this engine with Meteor on a modular basis but got stuck lately due to other projects. Would appreciate any of your feedback there with an issue or even a PR :slight_smile:


I also created an AutoForm extension to integrate the modeler with a properties panel:

But it uses an older version and I also had no chance to update it recently.


Ok, Thanks. I think it’ll be good to get started.


I could add bpmn to my Meteor project, like so:
“meteor npm install bpmn-js”
But we I import the reference: import {BpmnViewer} from “bpmn-js”
It throws the following output:

Any help?


These errors are not related to the bpmn-js npm module but with your project build. Try meteor reset and run then meteor npm install && meteor. Let me know if it still doesn’t work.


It’s throwing the same errors!
Are there alternatives?
How does the bpmn-engine work?


Hm Ich know that this type of error is a typical installation issue, for example when npm install has not been executed or something. Maybe others can remember to what it was related?

Regarding the engine: the original npm package is documented, if you want to start with my Meteor based integration you may clone the project cquencial/cquencial which is a standalone Engine but it is not finished as I need helping hands to make it complete. The other ones are packages that can be added on a modular basis

I would appreciate if try it out and leave issues on gh for bugs and feature requests.


Ok, Great! I’ll let you know when I have something…