Button working in chrome, but not firefox or ie?


Hey everyone so i have a custom login button which calls Meteor.loginWithTwitter(); like so:

This works great on Chrome, the twitter popup pops up etc…, but on Firefox and IE It doesnt do anything and spits this out in the console:
Error: Permission denied to access property "call"



Any idea as to whats going on here, and why it works in Chrome but not the others? I went and added the deault login buttons {{> loginButtons}} just to test and it does work on the other browsers but still outputs the same error.

Edit: ok some more details…It seems the error code only shows up in Firefox, not IE. Also, running Meteor.loginWithTwitter(); manually in the console gets it to work,


Could you share the loginbutton template as well please?


Ok so removing ecwyne:polymer-elements package did the trick.


It is already reported that Blaze has conflicts with Polymer 0.5. Haven’t tried Polymer 0.8 but it might be the same. Only chrome can do because Chrome has the native support of Polymer since 36, and the webcomponents polyfill breaks the Blaze events.


The weird thing was that i wasnt using any of the polymer elements, the package was just there from when i was testing designs.