.cache folder in Meteor project?

In a Meteor-Vue project there is a folder .cache with many files with names like ff4b…e697.json, apparently automatically created by Meteor. If I delete it, it gets recreated. I have added this folder to .gitignore, but when I stage my files for a git commit, VSCode lists all these files as untracked-modified, making it unnecessarily difficult to stage my own files. Is there a way to prevent this or to automatically clear the .cache folder?

What is the content of the files? Meteor is using .meteor folder for its cachf

Here is the initial part of one of those files. I am using Meteor 2.5, Vue 2 and Vuetify.with the latest VS Code on Ubuntu 20.04.


I am not familiar with this. I have not seen this on a Meteor project. Other users might be able to give a better feedback

I don’t think it is a meteor folder. Which ide are you using? Webstorm creates a “.idea” folder eg.

I am using VS Code under Ubuntu 20.04

My mistake; you already mentioned VS Code.

Do you have it for other projects too ?

This occurs only with the repository ingodahn/mtsystem: MathTrek system (github.com)