Cache static data on server


My project has three collections that have mostly static data, but queried very often. Would like to cache the queired data by a custom key. Looking for a distributed cache like Memcached / Redis, so that we don’t load and keep the data in Meteor Node. Please help me if there are any ideas or existing smart packages. Also, need MongoDB and Cache system (Memcache / Redis) co-exists in the project.


There is a memcached package - although it does not appear to be documented or have a github page.

On the other hand, MDG have an interim Redis package: slava:redis-livedata which they reference in their Full Stack Database Drivers page. I have used this and within its documented limitations does work. @slava has also published an example project which uses this. In lieu of formal documentation you will probably find this useful.


There is also that nice package from meteorhacks about caching subscriptions on client to reduce drastically bandwidth. Maybe that is just better than server side caching?