Call back server to client

I have appx 1.5 lakh records and try to insert into mongodb. The problem is that when I use method and send that to insert into mongodb. It take time i need any indication how much record are pending or progress bar. Can you give me any example for that

What does your insert method look like? Are you doing a bulk insert?

I am using just like Meteor.Call([Array],[Callback])

I m using just like Meteor.Call([Array],[Callback])

Okay, but what does your server side code look like?

If you are sending 150k documents from client to server and then inserting using a loop on the server, then you are inevitably going to get huge delays, both in network transfer time and in server insert time.

As @vigorwebsolutions has asked - we need to see your code.

//Server side
mappedHeader:function(data){ //toId
for ( let i = 0; i < data.length; i++ ) {

Yes - that must be the worst possible way to do this.

  1. Why are you sending data from the client? Can the data be made available to the server directly (without this huge overhead)?
  2. Looping through an array is not an optimal way to do a bulk insert. Check this blog post.
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  1. I am reading CSV file through upload and after that user will be mapped record on page then send data to server. Also i need a progress bar to show records status off records.

  2. For Looping i need values save as table format. If i sent whole data at once then save in single array node.

I have resolved progress bar issue using observeChanges. “” . But still have performance issue.

If your data is coming from a REST endpoint, can you use a server-side method to get that data when the user clicks a button? So, the client doesn’t get involved in the data transfer.

Use yourCollection.rawCollection().insertMany on the server.