Call methods from cordova that use import to load server side code


i have an application ( Meteor 1.7.0. 4 ) with packages structure like this :


The idea is to to separate mobile and web code when creating bundles. Both of them are declared with lazy: true


api.mainModule('client/index.js', 'web.browser', { lazy: true });


api.mainModule('client/index.js', 'web.cordova', { lazy: true });

In the api package, i am defining ValidatedMethods that import modules from server ( following Meteor Guide ) like this :

export const aMethod = new ValidatedMethod({
  name: 'name',
  validate: SomeSchema.validator(),
  async run({ param1, param2 }) {
    if (Meteor.isServer) {
      const { functionFromServerModule: method } = await import('../../server/moduleWithFunction');
      return, { param1, param1 });

For web package everything is OK on browser, i can import methods and call them.

But for mobile, i have error while loading the application in device ( build is OK )

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token {

Uncaught Error: Cannot find package "xxxxx:api". Try "meteor add xxxxx:api".

When i check with Chrome device inspector, i see that api module contains code from server module ( which is not normal ) that is not transpiled.


// node_modules/meteor/xxxxx_api/server/server/moduleWithFunction.js

import { SomeCollection } from '../../modules/some-collection';


web package uses methods with same definition but server code was not in xxxxx:api script.

To debug, tried to delete this import :

const { functionFromServerModule: method } = await import('../../server/moduleWithFunction');
      return, { param1, param1 });

moduleWithFunction code now disappeared from xxxxx:api script and application loads correctly( even if it’s not functional )

I am not sure if’s problem with or dynamic-import from cordova code or maybe babel.

Any idea ?

Why do you need to do dynamic import in Cordova? The idea of cordova is that all code are local and compiled on build time.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

i am “statically” importing and calling Meteor Validated Methods that dynamically import and call server side module.

Even if it’s the case, i think those modules should compiled / transpiled before including them in the final bundle.