Call to participation RAIX: PUSH, BAS-Facebook, Cordova 8.1.1

Hi All,

it is my greatest pleasure to announce that I successfully upgraded my Meteor project to the following configuration:

  • Meteor

  • cordova 8.1.1

  • cordova-ios 4.5.5 / xCode 10

  • cordova-android 7.1.1

  • node-apn 2.2.0

  • firebase-admin 6.0.0

  • phonegap-plugin-push 2.2.3

  • eslint - latest version of standard.

I use a custom made for Facebook login based on bas-meteor-facebook-login but cleaned of unnecessary dependencies and up to date with libraries.

I also use an almost completed re-write of raix:push for notifications based on the lates node-apn and Firebase Admin (the actual recommended FCM tool). On the APN side the project is using p8 certificates.

I see no issues so far, all great, I build IOS within Meteor and Android outside (Android Studio 3.2 with API 28 and SDK Tools 28.0.3) and I am looking for help to port these features into a future meteor version adn into the “parent” packages and I propose the following:

  • small team or individual participants to do the raix:push side either as a V2 of the existing package or as a new repo, possibly meteor:push or keep it under my handler, whichever comes more logic to everyone. (@raix )

  • small team or individual participants to review de FB login package (perhaps Mr. @basgrani ) for ambiguities, inconsistencies and parent it on NPM.

  • small team of meteor aficionados to standardize the new Cordova project into Meteor or to draw the procedure for building Cordova outside Meteor, whatever is found more fit.

  • write the documentation.

I am more of an entrepreneur then a programmer and my coding style is probably naive thus I need your help to finish the job in a more professional and standard coding style and logic.



Hi @paulishca sounds good - the raix:push package needs a bit of love - I haven’t had any projects requiring push notifications the past couple of years, the best packages are the ones maintained by people actually using it imho.
I can help out doing review etc. it can be on raix:push or your repository

Kind regards Morten

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Amazing @raix. Let’s see if anyone else wants to participate. The version I have built around yours is tested with the latest version of the push plugin which requires cordova-android 7+ so it only makes sense to put some effort if this is coupled with a touch on Cordova in Meteor.

So did you build cordova outside of Meteor? Since Meteor only supports cordova-lib 7.1.0

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@paulishca Do you have a repo that we can look at? I would love to update my Raix:Push to the latest firebase


I updated Cordova sources within Meteor. After update I was able to produce the IOS with Meteor + Xcode (my usual workflow). cordova-android 7+ requires a different folder structure than what Meteor produces. I got the Android project produced by Meteor and adjusted it in Android Studio. After upgrading Gradle to 4.6 (or 4.9 also available), I generated a functional Gradle file to satisfy my cordova plugin configuration. So to answer your question, I am running on a custom version of Meteor.

I’ll get back to you in a couple of days. I have the meteor package part but no documentation of the client side … although I have the entire code sample for server and client. The production of certificates on the Android side is a little complex and if one gets stuck in there … the package is totally useless. That’s why I need some help … I’ll buzz you sometime this week.

Hi all, do we have any updates on this thread or one of you came up with a new solution for the problem? Thanks a lot.