Call to Silent Majority: Showcase your Success + Help Meteor!

With the recent annoucement by @thea that Meteor Blog has moved to Medium (, it’s time for all of us to share our stories with Meteor. MDG has done a great job getting the platform to this level of production maturity, making it UI-layer agnostic, improving build times, deep integration with Cordova, etc.

There are a large number of successful endeavors using Meteor, but they don’t bother commenting on the forums (given some recent acrimonious threads, can’t really blame you :slight_smile: ). Why not share your success story? Good marketing for you and for Meteor (aka The Node Platform).

You can email or PM @thea.
Can’t wait to read your stories


  1. This was not solicited by @thea or @sashko, I thought I would start the conversation
  2. I did submit our story to @thea already, waiting for response