Call Web Api 2.0 C# from Meteor

I have created a example of project app device from meteor.
Inside my code I created side server have created a CRUD with C # web api 2.0.
While meteor side I created on method inside main.js on the SERVER folder, where I’m going to point to the web api:

        var result ="POST","",
                                "FirstName": FirstName,
                                "LastName" : LastName,
                                "Email": Email,
        return result;

and inside main.js I called the method in the client:{

		'click #btnCreate':function(events){			
			var Firstname='pippo';
			var Lastname='pluto';
			var Email='';
			var Address='via polo nord';
			setTimeout(function() {"addStudent",Firstname,Lastname,Email,Address, function(error, result) {
				    if (error) {"Client:" + error);
				        alert("Oops!!! Something went wrong!");
				    else {"Client:" + result);
						Session.set('tx', result);

When I go to throw (“meteor run Android-device”) the project concerned, and connect the usb of my phone, he does not call the service, but if I run it on the browser (“localhost: 3000”), everything works fine.

Could you help me understand why?

Thank you

You probably forgot to enable CORS on your API.

I added the enablecors server side, but still does not work.

What am I doing wrong?