Callback error in a file in client/compatibility

I’m having a problem with a file I’m trying to include in client/compatibility (it’s gibberish.js, I’ve posted about this troublemaker before). I’ve built it using npm, and I copied gibberish.js from the build folder into my Meteor app’s client/compatibility folder.

This worked before, but I transferred all my code to a new structure using a boilerplate, it’s giving me the same error I got before I put it in /client/compatibility:

 [Array[2], "var v_1 = bus2_0(0, 1, 0);↵↵return v_1;↵"]Gibberish.audioProcess @ gibberish.min.js?fdac15e50ea6c8bfcabbc9cf615438648b3c6d46:1

Uncaught TypeError: o.apply is not a function

The actual file structure is: