Calling mysql-connector from python

Hi, I have a Meteor site which call python script.
I want to import mysql.connector at my py file, but meteor doesnt like it :slight_smile:

Waht can I do? mysql and mysql.connector installed on my ubuntu and works well.


What do you mean? If you are using Meteor to execute a Python script, Meteor has no understanding of what’s in the Python script, or what it does. It can only look at the data returned and the the exit code of the script. If the script is exiting with a non-zero code, the issue is in the script.

Perhaps you should post some code showing how you are calling the script.

Thanks for the response.
I fixed my Meteor code and its not crash anymore
BUT, I have an error

ImportError('No module named mysql.connector

Although this package installed on my ubuntu…
so…why meteor cant take this package like others…??


Let’s see your code where you are trying to use this.