Camera restarts app on android

When using the camera on android my cordova app is killed and restarted after the camera is closed. This happens because of the android lifecycle described here:

I don’t like the solution described in the document because I think using the camera should be an inapp action and not close and restart the app.
I also tried the following plugin: but it doesn’t work for me at all.

Does someone knows a working solution for the problem?

BTW.: If you use the camera plugin in your app you should activate Don't keep activities in the Developer options -> Advanced and try the camera. If it doesn’t work your app may won’t work on some android devices. We saw it on hawei devices most of the time.

I never had this problem, maybe because my devices had enough resources to keep the app in the background. But if these app kills actually happen, I don’t see another solution than the one described in the Cordova docs, since this is the clean way to deal with it.

I don’t think the described way is a good one.

I’m currently working on the native camera plugin and got it working: by adding a permissions request.

But there are a lot of open points like merging a gallery plugin (like this one

If someone is interessted in supporting this please let me know.