Can a Combination of RethinkDB's Real-Time Feature Plus Web Component Replace Meteor?

I’m just learning Meteor. One of the most appealing aspects of Meteor is the real-time sync.

One of the main concerns with Meteor is the slow first-time to render. Fast development is important, but so is performance in production. I understand that Oplog has sped up Meteor, but I still see some recent posts raising performance issues.

RethinkDB now appears to provide Meteor’s “real-time” functionality with any app framework that uses RethinkDB. Web components and NPM appear to provide much of the plug-and-play benefits of Meteor’s packages.


  1. Can RethinkDB plus Web Components/NPM (along with a REST API) essentially provide much of the same benefits as using Meteor?
  2. Will a RethinkDB/Web Components/NPM/REST API approach perform and scale faster than Meteor?
  3. If yes to the above, what are the other benefits to still using Meteor?

I want to use Meteor as my “go to” framework as I like what I see so far and the community is tremendous. Please help me make the case. Thanks!

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