Can a Meteor application be built using two view engines, React and Blaze for example?


I am trying to include Nova Telescope, which is built on React engine, however, My current app is already built on Blaze and was wondering on how to integrate these both. Can I include the Telescope with React along side of my app built on Blaze ? Appreciate any help with this.


Yes you can use the two together, you just have to make sure to import the Blaze and/or React in your component. :slight_smile:

At least as far as I know. Please correct me if I’m wrong.


Yes you can. You can even do React inside Blaze, just like you can do jQuery in Blaze.
In the end it is not magic, it is just javascript :wink:


:+1: great, that helps… thank you Deelux !


Yes - you’ll generally want to decide which one to use at the router level. But certainly you can use them back and forth - Blaze inside React, and React inside Blaze.