Can a POC Meteor app be packaged up as an "exe"?

Proof-of-Concept apps can be slapped together relatively quickly with Meteor. But to show them off, one has to either call people over to view them as they run on localhost, or deploy them to meteor’s servers, which some companies don’t want (worried about their proprietary information being “out there”).

Other than setting up a Meteor-friendly local area hosting environment, is there a way to share Proof-of-Concept apps created with Meteor with managers, et al, such that said person could simply click a link or go to an URL to see the POC app?

Well, if you want them to go to a URL to see it, it would necessarily need to be hosted somewhere. If not Meteor’s free servers, you could relatively easily deploy your app to a $5 instance on Digital Ocean using Meteor Up, following the numerous guides on the subject. Otherwise you would need to host it on an in-house server to be super-ultra safe.

Wrapping it in an .exe souds like a stretch, haven’t heard of that being done…

it’s definitely possible. there are tools for wrapping scripts into an .exe, like this one (IExpress)

and there’s a project called JXCore that bundles up a node-driven website into an .exe

Just deploy it to *

If you want to make your Meteor app into an actual cross-platform executable, look into the arboleya:electrify package which uses Electron.

I heard about this service but haven’t had a chance to use it yet. Seems like it would be a good option for you.

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