Can anyone recommend books for a rock solid js/meteor foundation?


I’ve been messing around with Meteor and I love it. I’ve done the research. I have faith in its scalability. I have faith in Mongo. I’m totally sold.

What I’m not sold on is me. I’m not comfortable hacking js and meteor to make things work. I want to take the time to learn everything correctly and get a solid foundation. I also want to know more about Repositories, Contracts, Facades, Constructors, Setters (Setter Injection), Interfaces, Class / Function differences, Handlers, Bindings, Factories, etc.

Assuming I’m going to order books online…what are your “MUST READ” books for javascript, meteor, node, mongodb, and programming in general?


Meteor has one that I can think of.

Not a book but a very good resource:

Bulletproof will go through everything that you need from frontend to mongo and tell you how to do all of it efficiently.


I’ll comment on some of the non meteor parts

The Good Parts by Douglas Crockford - for solid understanding of JavaScript

Asynchronous Javascript by Trevor Burnham - great for diving deeper into understanding the async parts of js

Domain Driven Design by Eric Evans - learn about design patterns and modeling things for use with those design patterns
if you want to go deeper into the design pattern part:

  • Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software

This blog post by a linkedin engineer


I learned a lot from “Javascript Patterns” by Stoyan Stefanov


Discover Meteor helped me get a great foundation on it. I am wanting to work through this in the near future:


@khamoud I purchased Discover Meteor. Great resource. I’ll check out Bullet Proof. Thanks!


The Good Parts was 2008. Should I still get it?
I’ve added the other two to my wishlist. Thanks!


On the list. Thank you.


Evented Mind Video courses for javascript and Meteor , a great place to Learn .Chris Mather the author there is a game saver, you will love the way he teaches every bit of it.

Also, its a good practice to find someone who can pair praogram with you, you know like, learn together , This gives you a chance to understand things more efficiently and break any programming wall you face, together .

Discover Meteor is a great Book , but my understanding is to start with a small project, so that you can build confidence and learn some basics without getting overwhelmed with too much info and large projects .

I am a beginner in Meteor as well. My path is -

  1. David Turnball course - ebook , video course .(Completed)
  2. Chris Mather’s Evented Mind Courses (Completed first two courses)
  3. Discover Meteor (Pending)


I wrote Rapid Learning Meteor as a collection of tutorials that I made while learning Meteor.


That article would also help you out: