Can Cordova + React be used to build mobile apps?

I recently started my first meteor project using React.js. I’ve been testing it in the browser but had the intentions of making it into a cross-platform app if I get far enough. Is this an issue? Just looking into it it looks like currently my option would be Cordova. Does this work with code written with React.js? Also, what issues would I run into in terms of code portability? I’ve already seen that the default andoid web browser and safari don’t work well with my app. Chrome and Firefox on PC work perfectly.

In general React should work just as fine as Blaze, it is just webbed technology. If you get into React and you want to build for mobile platforms then off course it makes sense to take a look at React Native as well.

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What kind of specific bugs do you encounter?

Hello @jkleve,

I have used React with cordova in my application and it is working fine for both platforms and also in web. Yes it will work with react you just need to initialize and call those functions.

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